This is a Custom intention/higher self cuff made to suit YOU.  In this example. the front of the cuff has words written on it to describe your higher spirit, and the back has a list of intentions and dreams. As a recommendation, your higher spirit words can include words from your testimonials or just “power” words, describing the man or woman you would like to be.

Your intention words can be anything from your vision for the next 6 months/5 years/any period of time, to your soulmate wish list, or anything else that your heart desires.  

For Couples, how about putting “his” qualities on one side, and “hers” on the other?

Each order will take approximately 30 days to make and ship. 


Custom Intention Bracelet with your own message $35-$99  

You can write up to 40 words on each side of the bracelet.  Just add your words to the paypal check out page for your order. This bracelet is available in Aluminium ($35), Copper ($49), Brass ($49) and Silver ($99). Just scroll down to order the option that you like the most. The cuff shown is 1″ thick, but if you want 1-7 words on each side, it is possible to create a slimmer cuff.

Custom intention Cuff Bracelet


Channelled Bracelet Made Individually for You ($60-$125)

The overall look of this bracelet will be the same as the one above, but the words written on it will be written for you on one side of the bracelet. To create these words, I will do a personalised reading for you to describe your higher self. Perfect for those of you who have a particularly harsh inner critic and need a little inspiration to remind you of who you really are at your best.  The words will be emailed to you prior to imprinting them on the bracelet, in case you would like to add any of your own.  As the messages are channelled, the length of the words will vary.  You can also send in your intentions, or a message of up to 40 words, to be imprinted on the back of the bracelet. The bracelet is available in Aluminium ($60), Copper ($75), Brass ($70) or Silver ($125).


Channelled intention Cuff Bracelet


Channelled Bracelet with Consultation 

This option is for the same bracelet which includes a 50 minute consultation for us to tune into your higher self together and define the words to put on the bracelet.  During the consultation, I will guide you through a process to meet your higher self, leaving you will a confidence building tool that you will always be able to access, ensuring that you are always connected to the best version of yourself.

During the session, we will devise the words and intentions that will be put on your bracelet together.

The bracelet is available in Aluminium ($160) Copper ($175) Brass ($175) and Silver ($225).


Channelled Intention Bracelet with Consultation

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