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Are you confused about your next step?
Have you lost sight of who you are?
Are you frustrated that you aren’t as sexy as Marilyn Monroe and as successful as Oprah?
Do you secretly wish that life was more exciting?
Do you feel guilty about spending money on yourself?
Do you put everybody else first

How would it be if you could:
Genuinely look forward to each day as it comes
Look in the mirror everyday and think WOW!
Pick and choose what YOU want to do.
Turn Heads for the right reasons
CAPTIVATE the attention of everyone you come across
KNOW that you’re living the fullest expression of your best self.

Well now your big chance

Style Goddesses Shay Allie & Sue Donnelly are proud to present The Dressing Up Box. We are looking for 6 lucky women to be part of piolet series dedicated to getting you through that crossroads with grace and ease (and of course in style!). This experience would usually be worth £1500, but is of course free of charge to the 6 winning participants, and we will be offering a special bonus to everyone that applies.

To apply to be part of the series, please write to us in as much detail as possible to tell us why we should select you as one of the lucky 6. You must be willing to be filmed.

Please Contact Shay to register your interest.


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